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About Us


We are committed to sustainable development and attach a lot of importance to our impact on the internal and external environment


JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery creates added value for its customers and for the society striving to preserve each of the six capitals (human, social, intellectual, manufacturing, natural and financial) Accountability jsc pechoraneftegaz is guided in its activities by both strategic long-term and tactical short-term interests of the Russian society as a whole, as the concurrent owner of the group and user of its activities 



15.11.2002 became the starting point for the commercial activity of JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery, the company whose shareholders are the major oil producing and oil refining enterprises of the Russian federation.

At present JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery is one of the leading exporter of Rusian oil products.

The efforts of the company staff are directed to consolidation of export volumes of oil products produced Our Refinery currently the company exports up to 1 million tons of oil products per month.

By fast and flexible responding to the customers' demands JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery is a reliable partner.

The open and clear sales scheme as well as the high quality of oil products enables the company not only to keep a high profile among the oil products exporters of the CIS countries, but also to strengthen the country's prestige in the global market.

JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery has developed its own distribution network: the company's subsidiaries are established in Great Britain, Ukraine, Poland, and Latvia which contributes a lot to forming long-term partnerships with final consumers of oil products in the European countries, America, Asian and CIS. Thus the company and its subsidiaries take into account local market features and customer preferences and provides for timely response to changes in the market environment.

The core of young and energetic team of JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery is a number of highly-qualified employees who came to the company from oil refining industry, having a considerable experience in the spheres of trading, logistics and finance.

JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery is open for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.



JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery is aware of its responsibility for the quality and safety of petroleum products sold. In order to simplify the purchasing decision, buyers are given accurate and relevant information about the quality of petroleum products sold.

JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery permanently monitors and prevents possible causes loss of quality petroleum products during their reception, transportation, storage, shipment.

Gasolines sold by JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery and its subsidiaries comply with the European standard EN 228. Diesel - European standard EN 590. Motor fuels sold conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 013/2011 allows the placing on the market of Russia.

JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery opinion cherishes their regular partners and therefore every day analysing their changing needs, bringing information about the preferences of the market of petroleum products to the refining industry enterprises, to improve the quality and the latest range of products. In order to reduce the environmental load systematic work carried out to increase the share of fuel supply with reduced sulphur content and harmful substances.

We supply the following products:

Diesel Gasoil D2, Jet Fuel JP54, Petroleum Coke (all grades), Bitumen, Automotive Gasoil (AGO), Jet A1, D6, EN590 10PPM, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Base Oil, Mazut, Light Cycle Oil (LCO), ESPO, Naphtha, ESPO, REBCO, ULSD (all grades), etc.

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