JSC "Pechoraneftegaz"





Exploration. Seismic acquisition

·         2D, 3D, 2D/3C, 3D/3С seismic surveys:

·         2D, 3D, 2D/3C, 3D/3С seismic survey Using MESA 9 software;

·         quality control and preprocessing at the site of field operations using SPW, FOCUS 5.1., ECHOS 1.1. software;

·         topographic and geodetic support of seismic acquisition;

– technical support of telemetric complexes 428XL used with a set of field equipment FDU with 7600 and DSU-3 with 9900 seismic channels;

·         VSP using ВСП АМЦ-ВСП-3-48 survey unit;

·         field seismic operations supervision.

·         Integrated processing and interpretation of geologic and geophysical data using computer systems, fitted with software by Schlumberger and Paradigm Geophysical;

·         Building databases for G&G and production data;

·         Forecasting hydrocarbon reservoirs in the local formations (structural and non-structural);

·         Determining optimum drilling scope;

·         Reserve calculation and recovery factor substantiation;

·         24/7 geologic well investigations and petrophysical rock properties analysis.


Oilfield services

Exploratory and production drilling with stationary rigs:

upgraded Russian-made stationary rigs by Uralmash heavy machinery plant with 1300 h.p. capacity, rigs by Drillmec S.p.A – Seismotekhnika including 
two 1500 h.p echelon rigs tailored for drilling in Russia with  and one German-made 2000 h.p. rig by Bentec. 

And mobile rigs:

19 units for workover and routine servicing with the capacity ranging from 330 to 540 h.p. made in Russia. 4 rigs for drilling and workover made in the USA, Romania and Russia.

·         Well intervention including hydraulic fracturing with mobile frac units having max working pressure up to 130 MPa;

·         Casing cementing and plugging. Dry cement mixtures preparation at the facility using double-pump cementing unit Н1000С-10 with continuous cement preparation and injection system;

·         Well servicing and  completion using coiled tubing units МК-30Т with injector traction pull of 29/36 tons and drum capacity with the tube of 38, 1 mm– 5 300 m.

·         Sidetracking at coiled tubing unit МК-30Т with injector traction pull of 36 tons fitted with 50 mm tube and directional drilling system;

·         Circulating fluids related services ;

·         Geologic-geophysical supervision of the drilling and geophysical and pressure transient analyses;

·         Flowback operation using nitrogen and nitrogen-compressor evaporation units of A-100 model;

·         Derrick building;

·         Salt saturated slime and waste mud recycling.

Transshipment and storage of liquefied gases

Features of gas-filling terminal

Since 2008, the terminal provides Trans loading, storage and customs clearance of liquefied petroleum gas.

The advantages of working with the terminal:


• Submission of customs declarations in electronic format in the remote access mode (without visiting the customs clearance point);

• accredited laboratory chemical analysis;

• Proximity to the European market;

• Willingness to enter into long-term contracts for LPG transhipment and customs clearance.

Oil production

JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery has a rich experience in the Russian oil business. We are connected by reliable relations with such companies as Rosneft, GazpromNeft, Bashneft.

Today the JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery company is successfully operating in Russia which is engaged in drilling, overhauling exploration and production wells, introducing various methods of intensifying production and increasing oil recovery aimed at restoring a dormant stock and involving the exploitation of unprocessed oil reserves.

Considering the long-term practice of hydrocarbon deposits developing both in Russia and in other countries, we offer cooperation in oil production projects in Russia.

Preferred forms JSC "Pechoraneftegaz" Refinery project participation: 

·         Acquisition of producing fields with proven oil resources from 5 to 50 million tons;

·         Large oil field farm-in.